Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The power of storytelling... to kick ass!

Ran a Wushu game the other night. It was impromptu and very spontaneous, so in other words - perfect conditions to run such a game. I let the players pretty much go wild and do what they want (I did have to veto a telepathic schoolgirl geisha character though - ick!). The theme was Space Pirates and after explaining to the players loosely how character creation worked they got to it. In the end I got:
A Chaos Space Marine (this guy)
Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction (only with an even bigger afro)
Cyborg Cyclops (the X-Men kind, not Homer's Odyssey kind)
Pink Power Ranger (the wussy one with the bow)
And a Robot Butler Bob Marley.
They fought Royal Martian Navy marines, psychic ninjas, survived a freefall from orbit to the surface of Europa and would've ended up on board the Event Horizon where they would've fought Cthulhu (pictured below). In other words - shit was so cash!

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