Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween party!

Nerds throw the best Halloween parties ever. :) Great music, awesome costumes beyond your standard vanilla fare, round after round of free drinks (thanks creepy kimono dude whose character I don't recognize!). Some very awesome costumes this year at the Comic Book Shoppe's annual Heroes and Villains Halloween party. Less anime than last year, more Justice League and steampunk. Costumes I can recall:
- the purple-haired girl from Scott Pilgrim
- Terminator (the T2 Arnie model, and a very hot chick doing the one from T3). The Terminator dude had awesome costume, was crazy tall and DJ'd to boot!
- Dark Phoenix (very hot costume, won third place I think?)
- Parallax
- Gumbo (another awesome costume)
- A couple of Marios, added bonus - one of them was a little person, a Princess Peach, and a Goombah.
- At least four Green Lanterns, but one of them may have been a cunning impression of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory doing a Green Lantern
- Speaking of Sheldon - the Doppler Effect Sheldon costume was awesome!
- Van Helsing (the Hugh Jackson version, not Anthony Hopkins version)
- A couple of Inuyasha characters I don't know the names of
- Batman crew was out in full force: two Batmans, two Catwomen (one was Michelle Pfeiffer - very cool costume, the other was 1950s Catwoman done by Shawna, also very cool costume), very hot Poison ivy, at least three Robins, one Joker (a girl doing the costume though), Penguin.
- A Superman, a Clark Kent reporter version, awesome Captain America version, a She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, I think a couple other DC characters.
- Wolverine, awesome Deadpool costume, Cyclops, Blade (very good costume, dude even had his hair cut and pattern-shaved like the character).
- One of the Ghostbusters, with a cool pack and the laser beam weapon capturing thingie that both lit up and had sounds and stuff.
- Randomly: Xena, Thor, band member of Dethklok, Jack Sparrow, a couple of ninjas, an Old Republic Storm trooper commando, and lots more.
- The prize for first place though went (very deservedly) to awesome Spy vs. Spy pair who had awesome costumes, props, and did skits. Very cool!

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